Welcome to Studio Zukuri’s sleeker, cleaner and improved website with more features catered to your convenience! In this new update, all the information you need is made more easily accessible and understandable with just one click. These include the latest shop updates, broader frequently asked questions, contact information, shipping rates, order tracking, and more exciting new features for a pleasant shopping experience!   



      In this new update, Studio Zukuri customized the forms to make them more convenient and accessible. 


      Suggestion Form

      First, the new and refined Suggestion form allows you to attach photos and videos of your suggestions for additional input. 


      Concern/Request Form

      And second, the Concern/Request Form is a new feature of Studio Zukuri’s website that enables a much more systematic and organized process of relaying order issues and requests. In comparison to directly messaging us on social media, Studio Zukuri can keep better track of your concerns for faster accommodation. 

      Order Reviews

      The new order reviews area in Studio Zukuri’s website allows verified customers to upload photos, videos, and detailed reviews through a review request via email. This increases security by avoiding potential spam and fake reviews.



      Latest Shop Updates

      Studio Zukuri’s main objective is transparency and convenience for your enhanced shopping experience. With this, located on the homepage is a slideshow featuring the latest updates via quick-read articles. We will mostly be making articles regarding announcements on new collections, major shop updates, information about new shop features, and bonus articles on the behind-the-scenes per collection. 



      Studio Zukuri Tweets

      For more candid updates, Studio Zukuri’s tweets are featured directly on the website. These mostly include packing updates, behind the scenes, polls and teasers of new collections and products.


      Frequently Asked Questions

      A broadened and more elaborate FAQ can be accessed in this new update. The questions are separated into categories for your questions to be much more easily spotted. Questions are more specific and answers are more straight to the point.

      Contact Information

      At the footer of the homepage, Studio Zukuri’s social media handles can be easily located so you can contact us faster for any additional queries and concerns that are not included in the frequently asked questions page.

      International Shipping

      On the International Shipping Rates page, we provided a direct button link to DHL’s shipping quotation page if you would like to instantaneously check the rates for express shipping.


      Those are all the upgrades and new features from the first Studio Zukuri Update! We are grateful for everyone’s support and we appreciate all your feedback. With this, we constantly want to improve, customize and refine available sources to provide everyone the best service and experience you can have.